Monday, January 14

Sunday Carvery

Dear Friends,
This blog has moved to a new address where you will find all the previous posts and also some new ones. Please follow this link if you are interested in my more recent adventures, thank you.

Tuesday, November 6

simple not so simple

I have been wanting to come back to blogging for a long long time. I'm not sure if my thoughts are important but especially today I feel like I just have to say something. Let it be out there and be one bit lighter.

It is my final year at university as an undergraduate and I haven't even dreamed it would be so much work. I got myself a part-time job too so I suppose I'm not making it easy on myself. It's money though and I am glad to be able to afford things, finally!

I miss planning though. I love planning, trips, visits, skypes, all of it. But in the past few weeks I haven't really had time to and what's even worse I hardly ever have time to skype my friends and keep in touch with home. I'm trying to change this, I miss so many people! This is not just the issue with home though, there are a lot of people that I just haven't seen properly since the semester started or what's worse, since before the summer. I can only see the people with cars nowadays really. Or people that are my neighbours. Travelling by bus takes so much time, it's a killer.

I've been putting off my shopping for days as well as laundry, oh how I hate doing laundry. Not so much the folding and unfolding but the time it takes to go to the launderette and stuff my clothes in the machines, wait and stuff them in the dryers.
I guess it all comes down to time. I wish I was at Oxford so that they'd teach me efficient time management - or is that just a rumour that they do that?

I am going to this university, because I can do a dissertation in creative writing, and how's that going? Well not too well actually, I'm struggling for ideas a bit, on one hand I know what sort of thing I want to do, on the other I don't want to use me, my autobiography, as a source of the story because frankly, that is just too psychological.

I've been enjoying all of this though and by no means do I want to sound greedy, but it feels like something is missing. And it is really. Maybe it's bit egoistic to say this but I'm a little proud of myself, for making good choices and trying to make decisions wisely.

I am also subscribed to a magazine, The Simple Things. Don't know if you've heard of it, if not look it up, if yes then you'll understand my excitement when I received the new issue in the post. Oh if only had I have time to read it :)

Sunday, September 2

end of summer

So hey, it is the end of summer and I will finally be getting back to my normal blogging pattern. I had so many plans and ideas but somehow I ended up being busy and tired and all the other excuses. I know, it is shocking.
Over the next few weeks I will share a few pictures, I fly back to England on the 13th to start the new year and I cannot wait! Already got my new bedding - which is very girly indeed - and I have had a list of things to bring and buy since June. Now comes the time that I can actually start working towards crossing all the things out of it.
I am planning to do a moving in post, before and after and try to show you that even a not-so-pretty halls room can be changed into a comfortable living space. Do wish me luck with my interior design plans on a student budget.
I am also planning a little redesign of the blog header. I have many more plans but enough chatter now, these three pictures are from the beginning of the summer, if you're wondering what is the thing they have on their faces it is a special face mask.
More soon.

Monday, July 23

other travelling bits and pieces

Some bits and pieces from my april travels around the UK. York, Haworth, Harrogate, Shrewsbury. Haworth was such a cute little place I wish people would still live in and built those kind of houses and narrow streets. All of these places were pretty and very English. I also quite liked Shrewsbury, it is close to Stoke-on-Trent but it is so different. Only 40 miles away from Shrewsbury, Stoke is incredibly ugly, especially Hanley where when walking in the evening you feel more unsafe than walking through London after the tube stopped running.